Red vs Blue

Practical cyber attack vs defence, live hacking demonstrations and stories from the team.

IET Birmingham: Austin Court

Thursday, April 25th • 2pm - 4pm


Jordan Carter - Precursor Testing Lead

Michael Lamb - Precursor SOC Lead

Scott Cardow - Precursor MD


Want to see a cyber attack in real time?

This is not a sales pitch. The afternoon will be delivered by our technical consultants and gives an eye opening look into the world of cyber-crime, including live hacking demonstrations and the associated response, so you can see a real-world attack through the eyes of those involved.

  • Real world attack demo: Most people never see an attack play out before their eyes. View a real world attack be conducted and narrated by our ethical hackers. 
  • Threat Based Vulnerability Triage: Discover to use real world threat data to triage vulnerabilities.
  • Mature your Security Operations Center: Learn how you can use offensive security operations to model, measure and improve your defensive security function in a systematic way.
  • Continuous attack surface visibility: Discover how to see what an attacker sees and monitor changes to your organisations attack surface.
  • Unearth the cyber crime ecosystem: Cybercrime has become a complex business ecosystem with many moving parts, we'll deep dive into how it works from marketplaces and access vendors to mixers and RaaS.

Running Order

14:00 - Doors Open

Arrival and welcome drinks.

14:15 - Offensive Security

A look at the modern day threat landscape, adversary operations and the cyber-crime ecosystem and current trends. Our offensive security team will then demonstrate a live attack against a M365 enabled organisation and follow up with a breakdown of the attack using industry process.

15:00 - Break

A short break to grab some refreshments and meet with other attendees.

15:15 - Defensive Security

A view of the earlier attack through the eyes of the Security Operations Center while they contain and remove the threat. Plus, Learn how to measure your defensive team's effectiveness, how to mature their capabilities and ensure they are staying ahead of emerging threats.

16:00 - Networking

A chance to network at the open bar with other like-minded attendees.



IET Birmingham: Austin Court,

80 Cambridge St, Birmingham, B1 2NP

Thursday, 25th April 2024, 14:00 - 16:00+

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